New Fellowship Schedule

To Listen on the phone:

  1. Call (724) 444-74444
  2. When prompted for the CALL ID, use the appropriate one listed below for the particular call, and then press the # key. (Example: 61176#)
  3. When prompted for the PIN Number, dial 1#

To Listen online and chat:

  1. Go to (Example:

WTLM Bible Study Sessions:

Talkshoe Conferences Call Id Day(s) Time (EST)
Wednesday Nights 89696 Wednesdays 8:00 PM
Sabbath Evenings 46839 Fridays 8:00 PM (Winter)
Sabbath Afternoons 61176 Saturdays 3:15 PM (Summer)
2:15 PM (Winter)

Note: “Winter Schedule” is from November to March, “Summer Schedule” is from March to November. On the weeks in which the clocks are moved back or forward is when the Sabbath Schedules will change.



Christian TI Fellowship:

Talkshoe Conferences Call Id Day(s) Time (EST)
Good Morning TIs 142407 Mondays, Wednesdays 6:00 AM (Starting Date TBA)

WTLM Podcasts / Shows:

Talkshoe / Spreaker Podcast / Radio Call Id Time (EST)
The 3 A.M. Call 141687 Weekly Podcast

Time Zone Differences

If you do not live on the East Coast of America, use the table below to figure out what time the conference call is online in your time zone. Most of the conference calls start at either 6 or 9 PM. If you live outside of North America, please go to to figure out what time the conference will be in your timezone. The timezones of South Africa and Australia are included in this table.

Time of Conferences










3 PM (Sa)

2 PM

1 PM

12 PM

11 AM

9 AM

9 PM

5 AM (Su)


9 PM (W)

8 PM

7 PM

6 PM

5 PM

3 PM

3 AM (Th)

11 AM (Th)

Late Nights

12 AM (Su)

11 PM (Sa)

10 PM

9 PM

8 PM

6 PM

6 AM (M)

2 PM (M)

EST / EDT – Eastern Standard (Daylight) Time (NYC, Washington, Florida)

CST – Central Standard Time (Chicago, Dallas)

MST – Mountain Standard Time (Denver )

PST – Pacific Standard Time (Los Angeles)

AKST – Alaskan Standard Time (Most of Alaska)

HST – Hawaii – Aleutian Standard Time

SAST – South African Standard Time

AEST – Australian Eastern Standard Time


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