WTLM is back online

Update: March 18, 2015

After about a year of not being online, WTLM is back online on a new temporary host.  This site is being built up until either I find a new permanent home, or make this host the official home of the ministry.  Our blogspot site will remain intact no matter where the permanent home will be, just in case there are issues with this host, or any other hosting service we may land the site on.

Soon, sermons that we have put up online will be back on our sermons subsite, and on our blogspot site.  Also we have a Newsdesk site that is hosted on that will give you in their apostate churches’ own words their treason towards our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Our main focus is the full time restoration of WTLM and FTSN Radio this year.  This will likely happen by autumn, if everything goes right.  We have already begun broadcasting “Sermons All Sabbath” starting from 8 PM on Friday nights for the last three months, often ending the broadcast well after the end of the Sabbath in New York City, and once until the end of the Sabbath around the world.

New programming will also be added in the near future to WTLM Radio.  A special kids hour on Sabbath mornings is in the works this year giving children’s stories, along with children’s studies for Sabbath.  There will also be a children’s study program early mornings during the week before school time.  Also in the works is “The Spirit of Prophecy Bible Study” which will air on Friday nights, and give an in-depth study on Biblical topics; think of it as your Sabbath School Study program on WTLM.  There will be a program during the week that will study each book of the Bible one chapter at a time, and correlate that with the writings from the Spirit of Prophecy as well.

FTSN Radio will also return this year with The Controversial Endgame on Sunday nights from 9 to 11 PM.  Between April and June, FTSN Radio will broadcast the Alex Jones Show from 12 to 4 PM, weekdays.  A full weekday schedule is expected between 10 AM and 10 PM by fall.  In the near future, I will discuss potential openings for FTSN and WTLM Radio for passionate broadcasters who wish the spread the Three Angels’ Warning Message, and Expose the Papal New World Order.

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